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Motion Picture Space is a professional platform consisting of multiple networks were individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.

Their primary goal is to create a networking tool that simplifies the process of making motion pictures by streamlining all the verticals required for such an effort: Talent, Staff & Crew, Production and Writing staffing as well as vendor connections for physical items.

Motion Picture Space has taken the Motion Picture Industry and broken it up into key individual networks, currently more than 13 networks. These networks consist of people and products that are needed to help you make your film.


Los Angeles, California, USA


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Platform Development


We have taken this work after an initial development done by other various developers, MPS gave us the opportunity to continue with the development of the platform that was in a development state.

We continued the development of the initial work until we launched the platform.

The offered solution encompasses development on top of the existing Drupal 7 solution and DevOps support. Some of the performed tasks include:

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custom module development

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theme development

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responsive design

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performance tuning

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servers setup for production

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Social Networking