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American Media, Inc. (AMI), is an American publisher of magazines, supermarket tabloids, and books.


New York, USA

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Rebranding and

Men’s Fitness is a men’s magazine published by American Media, Inc and founded in the United States in 1987. The premier issue featured Michael Pare from the television series The Greatest American Hero.

The magazine’s slogan was “How the Best Man Wins”.

The magazine targeted men ages 21–40 years and featured in-depth articles on fitness, nutrition, and sports, as well as sex tips, fashion advice, interviews, recipes, and surveys.


AMI decided in 2013 to update their current code base in Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, the main objective was to support more user, have a better support for mobile devices and become a super fast site.


We joined Men’s Fitness to do the site migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The job involved data and module migration.

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custom module development

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modules update from 6 to 7

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data migration from 6 to 7

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theme development

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responsive design

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performance tuning

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amazon web services setup for production


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