How we work

Our workflow is based on a process to build, improve, maintain and repeat.


We work following a development process and the services we provide are perfectly aligned with different phases of the process.

The process

Everything starts with your Idea. We will enter into a Discovery Phase where we deep dive into your idea to translate your vision into a clear Spec. These Spec can take many forms: from a simple document to visual prototypes. The exact form will depend on the complexity of your project and the uncertainty and risks of it.

Once we have the Spec, we will create a Roadmap that will provide a strategic overview of the major elements of a project. The Roadmap is not a detailed project plan with dates and very granular detail but rather it provides a high level view to guide for the project.

With the Roadmap at hand we will start the Build Phase, where the development team will start building your application on two weeks long iterations, also know as Sprints. The team will have a list of tasks to be worked on each Sprint, these tasks will be delivered to a validation environment. At the end of each Sprint, the team will present a Demo of the work done to you, so you are up to speed with the progress and can provide feedback of the work. The project will be made by these iterations, with constant delivery, constant validation and constant feedback.

At the end of the development phase, we will deliver the application to a Production environment, it will go live, and everybody will be happy!.

Once it's live, our Devops team will Mantain the application to keep it running 24/7 at top performance and will handle any incident that might occur.

The project can end at this point or it may continue evolving because you have more ideas or needs to implement. If so, we will restart the process going back to the idea. Most of the time, going back will be a straightforward thing, since we work on iterations, implement new ideas or needs will become part of the process.

The limit is your imagination.


Our process relies on our three core services, each one of them has a specific responsibility on a given phase of the processes, however, all of them are involved in all phases all the time to provide ideas and validation. These services are heavily coordinated by our Tech Managers, who are the leaders of the projects, providing their vast experience to our customers and our team members as well.


The purpose of the design process is to provide sufficient detailed data and information about the Idea to enable its implementation.


You might have an idea of what you want to build, we can find what you need and how to implement it.


We can create different kinds of prototypes to validate your idea with low effort. We use different kinds of tools to create low or high quality prototypes of what your application will be.


Our teams use a design process to provide meaningful and relevant experiences in your application, from the visual perspective and the user experience as well.


Working in iterations provides solutions using modern technologies and lean project management to deliver good quality software on time and budget.

Lean Agile

Stop wasting time on bureaucratic processes that make you waste money, we deliver fast using lean and agile principles.

Continuous Delivery

Development and Infrastructure working together to deliver without sweat.

Dedicated Teams

We provide high performance teams to build your projects. The team is just for you, your project.

Best coding practices

We love to build software, and we love to do it right!. We enforce good coding practices such as code reviews, gitflow, testing, configuration management, coding standards, linters, KISS, DRY, convention over configuration and more.


Your project doesn’t end when the code has been shipped, that is when the fun starts. Your servers must run 24/7.

Architecture Design

We help you to define the architecture needs for your application.

Public and Private Clouds

We work with Amazon, Azure or Google Cloud and other PaaS providers. Also, We provide custom private cloud solutions. We look for your best cost-effective solution.


We will build your infrastructure using code in order to have the best configuration management, have more flexibility and be ready to scale.

Monitoring and Support

We provide active monitoring and preemptive support 24/7.


Over all these years we were involved in different kinds of projects, this has given us a lot of experience in different kinds of business solutions across the tech spectrum.

This allows us to provide not only our tech expertise but also add value to the business, we can talk the same business language as you. We aim to not just be tech guys, we look forward to being your tech partner.